Five Habits To Change To Keep Teeth Healthy

Orange juice, toothbrush, toothpick, and soda … discover and modify the small daily actions that damage our teeth. A beautiful smile above all not a mouth, and teeth, in full health. Even if our dental hygiene is correct, it happens that some daily habits are worse than we think.

Do multiple things at the same time

Every minute gained in the morning is precious, so we are tempted to brush our teeth in the shower or to clear the breakfast table at the same time. Bad idea, says the US website Health.

To be sure of not getting hurt and not messing up tooth enamel, it is essential to stay in front of a mirror while brushing. This will prevent you from brushing your teeth too hard, which can damage your gums.

Too much clean the toothbrush

If the idea of having the toothbrush in the dishwasher to disinfect it has already crossed your mind, know that it is better to avoid, at the risk of damaging it by trying to wash it too much. Even though the toothbrush is often compared to a nest of bacteria, no one has ever fallen ill. Wash with water and let it air dry, that’s enough.

To wash your teeth after the orange juice

Do you like to start the day with a squeezed orange juice? Avoid cleaning your teeth immediately afterward. The acidity of the fruit weakens the enamel of the teeth, and you risk to increase the erosion. To neutralize this acidity, drink a glass of water or milk after the juice, or wait about thirty minutes.

Use toothpicks

Useful when a piece of food remains stuck between our teeth, toothpicks can, however, be aggressive, break, and damage our gums. The best solution is dental floss, even if it is less convenient to access.

Consume too much juice and soda

We can say that smoothies and fruit juices are good for health because they are rich in vitamins and minerals, they are also acidic and contain a lot of sugar. To limit dental damage, it is better to try to limit these drinks and replace them with mineralized water that will not only rinse the excess sugar but also strengthen your teeth if it contains fluoride. The same goes for soft drinks, whether light or not, that can accelerate the erosion of tooth enamel. Try to limit consumption. 


Tobacco: It Makes You Lose Your Teeth

Smoking is dangerous for your physical and also for oral health.

Guys who smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day are two to three times more likely to lose their young teeth.

Thus, at age 50 a smoker keeps 25 real teeth against 28 for a non-smoker.

At 60, he has only seven against 22 in a non-smoker.

Why? Nicotine destroys the periodontium and accumulates on the surface of the roots of the teeth. It promotes oral infections and loosening.

Less effective dental care for smokers

In heavy smokers, periodontal treatments and dental implants are performed with less success than in non-smokers. And when tooth extraction is necessary, healing is generally longer. The solution? Stop smoking of course!

Tips for good oral hygiene

Quitting smoking is difficult, waiting to be completely weaned from tobacco, it is imperative to:

We should clean our teeth with brush at least two times a day for three minutes with a toothpaste that protects the periodontium;

use dental floss daily

use a mouthwash and tongue cleaner daily.